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image006Superb Students; Excellent Educators; Outstanding Family Partners!

Dear SES Community,

Thanks for sharing your kids with Shawswick!  We appreciate being able to serve!

Please let me encourage a few different things...

  • arriving on-time - Every second of the school day counts!
  • eating a good breakfast and getting a good night's sleep - Those two things get mentioned a lot around ISTEP-time but they are important all of the time.
  • staying in good communication with the classroom teachers
  • reading at home as a family
  • taking pride in being a Shawswick Farmer!

Thanks for being part of the SES Family!  If we can be of assistance, please call us at 812-279-3115 or email me at

Lucas P. Calhoun

Welcome to Shawswick Elementary School!

    • School Office

      Shawswick Elementary School
      71 Shawswick Road
      Bedford, IN  47421

      Phone:  812-279-3115
      Fax:  812-275-0543

      Lucas Calhoun, Principal

      Mission Statement

      The Mission of the personnel, parents and community is to provide nurturing and safe environment where every individual is encouraged to continuously develop their intellectual, social and vocational potential.

      School Improvement

      North Lawrence Community Schools strive to continually improve and better prepare our students' future. All improvement plans can be viewed by visiting this page and clicking a school link.
    • School Directory

      Administrative Offices - 812-279-3521
      OLJMG Joint Services - 812-279-6651

      High School
      BNL High School - 812-279-9756
      NL Career Center - 812-279-3561

      Middle School
      Bedford Middle School - 812-279-9781
      Oolitic Middle School - 812-275-7551
      Shawswick Middle School - 812-275-6121

      Intermediate School
      Parkview Intermediate - 812-275-3301

      Elementary School
      Dollens Elementary - 812-275-3885
      Fayetteville Elementary - 812-279-2376
      Heltonville Elementary - 812-834-6632
      Lincoln Elementary - 812-275-6311
      Needmore Elementary - 812-279-2192
      Parkview Primary - 812-275-2333
      Shawswick Elementary - 812-279-3115
      Springville Elementary - 812-279-1388
      Stalker Elementary - 812-275-4821

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